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David DraghinasDavid Draghinas, M.D.

Physician Podcaster at

Dr. David Draghinas is a practicing anesthesiologist with Metropolitan Anesthesia Consultants in the Dallas-Fort Worth (TX) metropolitan area. Prior to his current position, he was a Navy physician and enjoyed taking care of military families.

Over the last few years, Dr. Draghinas has found a way to leverage digital communication platforms to educate patients and his colleagues, as well as learn from them. The impetus for this noticing patient anxiety about anesthesia. Patients were Googling anesthesia topics and getting poor information, so Dr. Draghinas and his colleagues created a website to help correct anesthesia myths and give their patients accurate information.  The website will soon have videos featuring experts discussing various anesthesia topics.

Dr. Draghinas also hosts his podcast Doctors Unbound. He spotlights different physicians who are successful in fields other than medicine in order to help fellow physicians achieve what Dr. Draghinas terms “next level success.”