Conquering Documentation: Learning The Standards

Are your struggling with charting in the EHR, spending more time doctoring in front of the computer instead of spending time with patients, addressing their clinical needs and concerns? Not know specifically what needs to be included in the physician note to accurately reflect the patient encounter with capture of your clinical judgment and medical decision making supported by proper diagnoses clinical specificity?

Then you should attend The Physicians Edges and the Student Doctor Network complimentary webinar titled Conquering Documentation- Learning Standards on November 15th from 1 to 1:40 PM webinar. Dr, Doug Cutler, a practicing hospitalist and Glenn Krauss, subject matter expert in clinical documentation excellence, will be sharing their knowledge and passion for effective physician documentation practices that save precious time, the best practice standards and principles of documentation that communicates patient care in an efficient manner. Real case studies will be utilized to showcase sufficient versus insufficient documentation.

To hear more about the standards of documentation please register for our webinar in conjunction with The Student Doctor Network and Core-CDI on Friday, November 15th.